Daylight Data Delivers Custom Governance Platform for Enlight Research

Enlight Research is the trusted source for independent financial and corporate governance information.

The Need

Enlight Research was created by a founding team with a depth of experience in Corporate Governance. Through board positions and consultory services for directors in both public and private companies, Enlight identified a need for independent financial and corporate governance information.

At the time of founding, Enlight's wealth of domain experience was coupled with a lack of resources with experience deploying software solutions in highly-regulated industries. After doing their research they chose Daylight Data because of the strength of relationship and quality of references.

The Service

Daylight Data joined the effort after a solution had been proposed for the problem in the marketplace, and high-fidelity wireframes (PDF) had already been created with the help of an external user experience (UX) designer. We were tasked with implementing the wireframes in a mobile-friendly web application primarily targeted at tablets.

Enlight was in the unique and enviable position of having customers waiting to use early versions of the solution, which meant tight feedback looks between customers, product owners, and development efforts created high-quality product early in the lifecycle.

Over a six month engagement we delivered on weekly Scrum-style iterations, each with new or improved features that enabled improved intelligence and governance data.

As Enlight gained preliminary traction in their market, it made sense to scale up an internal software development team to support additional feature growth. We assisted with a hiring methodology and trained their first CTO.

The Result

Enlight Research went to market with a compelling solution to the problem of independence in Corporate Governance. The MVP Daylight Data built created the momentum necessary for the next steps in launching, growing, and iterating their innovating solution set.

Contact Us

info at daylight data dot com