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We Are Polyglot Developers

We maintain state-of-the-art knowledge across the most common languages and platforms (primarily Open Source) to assist our clients with their needs. Other agencies focus solutions on a particular framework and try to solve all problems with the same tools.
That's weird.
Native Mobile Apps
Full-Stack Web Apps
E-Commerce and Marketing Pages
Automation and Integration
Need a Quick Fix?

Code rot is real. Over time, everything changes: business needs, library versions, security and regulatory environments, and hosting environments, to name a few. What was once working code may not stay that way. We can help you get rid of those bugs and bring an application back in compliance with surgical pay-for-what-you-need development services.


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Daylight Development Units℠

Daylight Development Units℠ are Daylight Data’s pricing model. Our clients pay for a units of work delivered over a week of time, and can scale up or scale down as the backlog of work to be done changes with the venture's priorities. In contrast to traditional pay-by-the hour work, where the value you get depends on the specific team members assigned to your project, with Daylight Development Units, you get the value you pay for, every time.

For Early-Stage Ventures

Founders and venture teams turn to Daylight Data for development services because of our flexible arrangements, rapid development iterations, and team orientation. We've helped dozens of entrepreneurial teams get stuff done. Read more about our MVP services for founders and entrepreneurial teams.

For Enterprise Teams

For project teams with efforts underway, we can provide fractional development services to augement strengths. Whether you need more horse-power or to fill in a missing piece of the development stack, we're here to help.

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