Bug Fixes

Keep valuable business processes running when something unexpected changes.

Why do bugs happen?

Modern user-facing software tools are combinations of millions of lines of code written by hundreds of humans. Bugs can surface because of any of the following:

  • Human mistakes made by programmers
  • Lack of communication between separate teams whose tools work together
  • Changes in dependency libraries (sometimes not documented well)
  • Changes in deployment environments or infrastructure not anticipated by original teams
  • Subtle changes in business logic that have more than subtle user impact
  • Hardware failures

None of these are reasons to throw the original development teams under the bus, but when your business depends on mission-critical software, even small bugs need to be addressed quickly and precisely.

What to do with bugs?

First, make sure to document everything possible about the circumstances that cause the bug to happen. In most cases, bugs present themselves in corner cases that may not have been anticipated by the initial developers, so having as much detail as possible is crucial.

Next, try to contact the original developers as they have the most knowledge about the structure of the code and may be able to offer the quickest work-arounds and ultimately the least expensive fixes.

We provide ongoing bugfix services for out clients for any code we write, for this reason. We'd rather you come back to us for a quick fix if something goes awry instead of introducing additional risk with a new party.

Our Bug Fixing Service

When it's not possible to have the original teams provide solutions, we offer an hourly-rate service meant to find and resolve issues as surgically as possible. We take great care to understand potential adverse consequences of any changes we make and we fully document our assumptions along with the changes made.

Our goal with these services is to get you back to operational status quickly and to minimize any negative impacts to your teams and customers.

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