What Do Interns Do?

05 Jun 2019 - Anne Carter Payne

Intern. The bottom of the food chain in the office. Or so you thought.

In an environment that is constantly busy with clients who are reaching toward a long list of goals, an agency like Daylight Data gives interns the opportunity to do real work...it’s not about grabbing coffee for the boss here (Sorry, Shaun).

With a smorgasbord of interns specializing in technology support, public relations, marketing and graphic design, there is consistent collaboration within the group. Because many of Daylight’s clients are small, all interns are part of the conversations regarding decisions and planning for these companies. Interns work with Daylight’s client projects directly, enabling them to observe the happenings of businesses and what does or doesn’t help a company progress.

We interns walk out of this experience with expanded knowledge about business as a broad subject. Speaking more specifically, marketing and communications becomes a big part of many interns’ jobs here. For example, two interns earlier this winter collected roughly 100 beta testers for an app that was part of a project development. They also contributed to the development of what this app would encompass and how it would function. These interns helped create an app.

Another intern managed to somehow churn out 32 original hilarious memes for a project. No need to ask questions about that one.

Ask any Daylight intern what his/her job entails and they might look down and think for a second, trying to summarize it into a sentence. Realistically, there is no way to summarize this experience into a sentence. Interns tackle a wide range of important tasks that teach different skills. From market research (entailing internet stalking, cold calling, and other glorious tasks) to executing marketing campaigns to thrift shopping (yep), this internship sends us home with a unique hands-on experience.

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