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05 Jun 2019 - Elizabeth Moore

A computer bug: an error in a computer system that produces incorrect results.

No, it’s not an insect that lands on your screen.

So, why do we call it a bug then?

The popular term for a computer virus was coined on September 9th, 1945 by U.S. Navy Officer Grace Hopper.

Back in the day, computers filled large, crowded rooms and emitted enormous amounts of heat and light. This attracted insects. Lots of them.

So, on that hot September afternoon, when one of Hopper’s colleagues discovered a moth trapped in the hardware of a computer, the term bug was first recorded.

Yes, there was an actual bug in the computer that was causing a glitch.

Hopper recorded the first “bug” in her journal, and the rest is history. Previous to her documentation, people had used similar terms, such as “bug in a computer,” but no one had coined an official name for the computer malfunction.


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