Former Intern Spotlight: Felipe Concha

22 Mar 2019 - Anne Carter Payne

Adulting is scary. Entering the real world is like riding Space Mountain at Disney World for the first time… you’re headed into the darkness. Take it from me, a current sophomore Daylight Data intern trying to figure out how on earth I will possibly fit into the work force. Let me introduce you to someone who gained some real-world experience from Daylight, Felipe.

Felipe Concha began interning for Daylight Data as a senior at Duke University, studying Economics and Public Policy. Now, he’s working in finance full time. Daylight is proud to spotlight him as an intern who greatly impacted the company!

Felipe worked on a variety of tasks across the company’s portfolio. At the time, the projects of Sprout City and Jot Health were in primary stages of development (see Daylight’s website to learn more about these). His responsibilities included financial modeling, reaching out to potential users, and representing Daylight at events to meet people in the field. Networking within the market is important for stretching Daylight’s reach, and this is one area in which Felipe invested much time.

After his internship, Felipe went on to work in the financial services industry. Though his job at Daylight included a broad range of tasks, he emphasized how applicable the skills his internship taught him are to his career.

Here are some key skills Felipe carried forward to his current career:

  1. Being able to think entrepreneurially and to plan how tasks can be done more efficiently.
  2. Looking for ways to automate processes and remove human error, a large focus of Daylight’s data-driven problem-solving strategy.
  3. Thinking of ways to improve user experiences. This skill challenged him because he did not come into Daylight with much knowledge about computer science. He was pushed to learn the broad ins and outs of software development and then applied this knowledge to Daylight’s marketing strategies (What should the copy of this ad read? Who is the audience?).
  4. Being able to compare audiences and cater to each one individually.
  5. Time is a resource.
  6. Challenge yourself to challenge processes.
  7. How to deal with ambiguity.

Write down that last one, folks. At Daylight, early-stage projects can present challenges. There is a long To-Do list on any given day, and each task on that list is going to be different. Early-stage projects can be messy, which is where the aspect of ambiguity ties in. However, these projects are truly interesting to work on because of the opportunity to create, test, and execute new ideas.

Think Entrepreneurially

Felipe noted that his internship at Daylight was unlike anything he’s done before. Below is a diagram of an important distinction between types of duties one faces at a company like Daylight.


In addition, Felipe noted that President of Daylight Data, Shaun Pack, significantly impacted Felipe’s learning experience. Shaun is invested in developing young people, which enabled Felipe to grow. Felipe said he still sees Shaun as a mentor and greatly values his opinion.

Having a rock star intern like Felipe was not only helpful, but fun! That’s what it’s all about! Gaining experience. Building relationships. Facing challenges. Carrying skills wherever you go.

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