Core Values Drive Project Success

22 Mar 2019 - Anne Carter Payne

A triangle is a strong shape. It's easy to remember a list of three. When Daylight Data President Shaun Pack founded the company, he wanted it to be mission-driven toward values that resonate with him. He searched for virtues that balanced each other. The search landed him on authenticity, ambition, and empathy.

Without one of these traits, the other two can’t stand effectively. Having only one of these traits isn’t enough either.


Daylight’s definition of empathy is being able to understand others’ perspectives and working with the knowledge that everyone has unique experiences. This leads to conducting work with sensitivity and open-mindedness.

Working with ambition enables Daylight to stretch toward goals and work as a go-getter in a competitive field. Ambition is crucial for a company in a rapidly growing world of technology and races to new ideas.

Authenticity holds Daylight to its high standards of being unique and honest in all endeavors. This value is fundamental in developing a trustworthy company that develops projects with consistent behavior.

“We actively recruit team members who exemplify these values, and we bring authenticity, ambition, and empathy to each interaction with our clients, partners and vendors,” Pack said.

What do you get when you’re empathetic and authentic but lack ambition? You might lean toward being a follower.

What do you get when you’re empathetic and ambitious but not authentic? You might lack uniqueness and truth.

What about authentic and ambitious but not empathy? That characterizes someone vain.

You see, these three values stand best together. Not only do we exercise these values, but we seek to make a community of clients and partners who bring them to relationships. Circulating the triangle of values so that they operate as an exchange between us and others is when the values reach their true potential as a tripod. A client-company relationship is strongest when both sides of the team represent ambition, authenticity, and empathy.

Check out this diagram. There is strength in each of the overlaps, but only in the very middle do all of the traits overlap. This middle is the sweet spot, the spot upon which Daylight was founded and upon which Pack and other members operate with each client and project.


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