Minimal Changes Drive Better Organization

29 Jan 2019 - Michelle Mills

When you are working with MVPs, the goal of the UX designer is to create organization, harmony, and clarity with minimal changes. This may look like changes to typography, color, or something more structural like page layout. A UX designer is a critical player to the MVP team because of their ability to create organization and elevate a design.

How do you create organization through design? User experience, especially digital, has to do with understanding how the eye moves throughout a screen. English speakers read left to right, therefore, they will start their eyes at the top left of a screen. If other visuals compete for attention on the page, it creates an unsettling feeling for the viewer. A UX designer is like a traffic cop. They have to lead the eyes on the correct path from one set of information to the next. You can achieve this by manipulating typography, color, or layout. The first step, however, is to understand the hierarchy of information. This can take some planning.

After establishing hierarchy the next best step is to use layout. The format of digital design you are working with dictates some layout rules. For example how you design for mobile should be very different from desktop. Mobile takes away the option of multiple columns in most situations. The next step to take is to organize sections with typography. Use font types, sizes, and line height to not only maintain hierarchy but give the text readability. A general rule of thumb: the smaller the text, the larger the line height should be.

From there, adjusting the colors finishes the organization process. You can create more bold hierarchy by changing text colors or adding backgrounds. Making the body text gray instead of black can tell the viewer that this information is not the first thing they should read. There are tons of other tips and tricks for creating seamless hierarchy and organization to your digital design. These are just a few to show the critical role a UX designer can play.

Organization Example
(Left: Dev team example, Right: elevated with UX example)

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