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04 Sep 2018 - Michelle Mills

Nice to meet you all, I am Michelle, Daylight Data’s User Experience Design Manager. To explain in the most simple way, my job is to improve apps/websites/software by creating the path of least resistance through means of graphic layout, hierarchy, and empathetic thinking. Daylight Data gave me my first opportunity to develop my skills in this field as an intern. At the time I was in undergrad studying industrial design but teaching myself user experience (UX) design on the side. The internship confirmed my passion and gave me a clear direction for my career.

When I interned here I was a first semester junior and continued interning until that school year ended in May. It was flexible enough where I could fully focus on my undergrad degree but also pursue my passion, UX, in a work setting. Interning here showed me a different style of work environment that I have grown to love. Working on so many different projects was the best part. It was incredibly interesting to brainstorm the birth of one business but facilitate the growth of an established one. It is fast paced and no day is ever the same. After interning here I went on to intern at a fortune 500 company. I think many college students aspire to get a job at a large corporation and I was one of them. However, the work culture stunted my growth as a creative mind. Not every corporation is the same but often times the grass isn’t always greener.

After graduating undergrad, I went on to take graduate level courses for a semester in Philadelphia where I learned critical skills to grow as a UX designer. I was able to become proficient in web-based coding, mastered the program Sketch, and created a strong portfolio. I moved back to North Carolina and worked a job with a similar structure to Daylight Data that allowed me to work on several projects at once.

Not too long later I reconnected with Daylight Data and knew it was the right fit. What makes Daylight Data unique is the MVP structure. It creates an environment of quick turnarounds and fast thinking which allows me to remain creative and grow as a designer. The most exciting part is the knowledge that this company is going to do big things. I am honored to be a part of it. If you have any questions about interning at Daylight Data or want to chat more, use the contact form below to reach out.

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