Shortbread Lofts Streamlines Move-in Day With Parking Tool

18 Aug 2018 - Shaun Pack

With our focus on creating value with MVPs, we are often able to provide simple software-driven solutions to one-off pain points. It’s tempting to try to always look for the big data, scalable solution but many of our clients have needs that are more time sensitive.

This year, while planning the move-in process for residents, the management at Shortbread Lofts wanted to make efficient use of their parking resources. Move-in is often a logistical challenge for apartments primarily housing students given strong seasonality, and the sheer number of residents, many of whom have family members and more than one vehicle assisting, unloading in a short window of time.

Shortbread partnered with Daylight Data to overlay architectural diagrams of their garage and remote parking lots with real-time occupancy data to facilitate a streamlined experience for all parties. Staff used tablets to check-in and assign spaces to families as they arrived and monitor usage. Data imported from internal systems helped staff quickly resolve communication and other logical complexities with straight-forward processes. Students and their families received SMS-based reminders and updates about their access to parking, and received easy instructions for overflow lots to use as needed.

Shortbread Parking Tool

The technologies deployed here were not complicated (some would say minimally viable, perhaps), but we measure success in terms of the value we bring our clients rather than the complexity of the architecture. Do you have any no-BS projects you’ve been delaying because you haven’t found an agency who gets it? Let us know how we can help!

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