Benefits of Hiring a Data Agency

02 Apr 2018 - Will McGregor

Businesses we work with are constantly attempting to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. As advanced software technologies continue to increase in importance, organizations need to find creative and unique ways to activate their data to inform their business model. This forms the question: is it better to hire a full-time employee or contract an agency to take a company to the next level? Hiring an agency is often more beneficial for early-stage and small businesses with short-term projects because agencies are cost-effective, offer a unique perspective, have experience, and have a flexible payment structure.

Daylight Data is a data analytics consulting agency that specializes in helping companies make more informed business decisions to increase performance. Here are a few reasons our customers have chosen us over hiring a full-time employee:


We are less expensive than full-time employees because we do not require the additional expenses of work space, employment taxes, training, and benefits packages. Consider that, in 2004, The Atlantic found that startups pay tech employees a medium salary of $100,098, yet employees rarely stay longer than two years. Our experience across industries and with many technologies makes it less expensive to initiate a project with us than to onboard a new hire while also spending less.

Unique perspective

We offer a fresh new perspective on companies. Since we are not involved on the day-to-day aspects of the business, we analyze the overall goals and data strategies employed from a non-biased and third party viewpoint which will generate creative solutions to grow business. Additionally, our group dynamic fosters collaboration in solving problems. A full-time employee only offers one viewpoint, but here we draw from a variety of perspectives and experiences.


We provide invaluable data analytics experience due to our previous projects and extensive knowledge of the field. This can often give us an advantage when compared to a full-time hire who may have less exposure and limited project experience. Another reason our experience is so beneficial for companies is because we are always learning from our previous projects which forces us to stay up to date with the newest data analytic strategies.


In many of our arrangements, Daylight Data we sets a weekly rate for our work and will work on any aspects of your business model. This payment model and work structure provides flexibility within the project.

Now more than ever, data analytics is imperative in growing a business to outperform the competition. In the short term, it is often better to hire data analytics agents over full-time employees because it is cost-effective, agents offer a new perspective, have experience to draw from, and offer a more open payment plan.

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