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Why Daylight Data Consulting?

Business Analytics

Daylight Data was founded to help businesses derive customer insight, operational improvement, and durable competitive advantage through the collection, aggregation, analysis, and visualization of their business data.

Too often owners, managers, and other stakeholders feel like they are in the dark with regard to the performance of their business. Our passion comes from creating data-enlightened businesses who expertly navigate competitive pressures, regulatory compliance, and business risk; using data to augment existing people, processes and products.

Our teams have experience with both Fortune 500 companies and cloud-based startups. How can data serve you?


We are a firm of strategic engineers and educators, not scientists.


Your data pipeline depends on quality of the data you collect or source. From experimental and survey design, to ETL tooling and advanced tracking analytics, we have you covered.


The last several decades have created extensive innovations in the tools available for data analysis. Beyond just data at scale, you can now bring powerful data science and machine learning techniques to bear on your organization's data to illuminate value lurking in otherwise hidden silos.


Excellent visualizations can make the difference between obscure piles of data and true business insights. Our visualization designers connect the dots between your business data and the human emotions that drive effective decisions.


It often seems as though innovations happen faster in the world of data tooling than any other industry. We keep up with these changes and can help your organization with on-site crash courses, brown-bag lunches, and multi-day deep dives on the tools and techniques that can add tremendous value.


When your organization's data pipeline is ready for distributed, real-time use, our application development teams can help you execute on a strategy that will ensure you're getting the right data in the hands of the skilled managers who need it most.


Your organization is doing many things well, but you want to take it to the next level. You have internal operations and development teams that execute on your strategy, and you're looking for expert guidance to allocate resources the right way.

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333 W Rosemary St #130 Chapel Hill, NC 27516

We're excited to be joining the growing community of entrepreneurial ventures and small businesses in the downtown area of Chapel Hill, NC! The academic strength of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the talented student population are already enabling us to better serve our clients.

We've nicknamed the space @hubdaylight to reflect that this will be the center of our private accelerator and innovation hub. Get social, introduce yourself, and follow us on social media to see what we're up to.

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